Welcome to the APBR (African Pit Bull Registry)

Kennel Registration:

Prior to applying for kennel registration you should already have a male and female APBT registered with the APBR, if not you will have to apply for single registration of at least 1 male and 1 female the same time you are applying for kennel registration...


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Single Registration:

When applying for Single registration of your APBT you need to complete the document named Single registration application. This document can either be downloaded from our website www.apbr.club or obtained from the APBR representative from your area/country...


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Litter Registration:

When registering a litter please note there are 2 option. 1 option is direct transfer and costs a bit more but the puppy will be registered directly onto the new owners name and the 2nd option is normal litter registration and will be registered on your name...


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To become the leading American Pit Bull Terrier Registry in Africa. Our vision is a world in which the APBT have the right to be recognized as a breed and nothing less.


To promote and preserve the American Pit Bull Terrier and to honor this breed with the best and most accurate services any top class registry can offer.


  • Using the registry to be a voice for the breed.
  • Educating newcomers and assisting the rest of Africa to understand our beautiful breed.
  • Be true ambassadors who is not money motivated but passion driven.

Who and what is the APBR?

The APBR is an African Pit Bull Registration body for the American Pit Bull Community. We register American Pit Bulls throughout the whole of Africa and is represented in Namibia, Angola, Mozambique, Botswana and most South African provinces and with the promise to be expanding to other African countries shortly.

Why do we have representatives in each country?

The APBR wants to be the preferred American Pit Bull registration body in Africa offering through our various representatives the most efficient and convenient service to our members. To minimize the amount of fraudulent registrations our representatives are specially chosen Dogmen active within their pit bull communities and have excellent APBT knowledge unlike other registration bodies with only 1 office.

In our aim to be the preferred American Pit Bull registry in Africa, our certificates are specially designed to be of international standard. Through this the APBR is the only internationally recognized registry and affiliated with the ICDR and the APDR of which both are some of the biggest APBT show and registration bodies in the World.

The APBR are also currently undergoing talks with the largest APBT registration body in Eastern Europe to be affiliated and recognized by them.

The APBR offline Database have 18 822 American Pit Bulls and our online database have 22 152 American Pit Bulls.

Other Sections of the APBR

In order to promote and preserve the breed and also in order to give back to the APBT community we also expand into other areas including the only online APBT database and a Monthly APBT Magazine.

Transfer of Ownership:

When applying for transfer of ownership of your APBT you need to complete the document named Transfer application, This document can either be downloaded from our website www.apbr.club or obtained from the APBR representative from your area/country.

After completion of the documentation please email it and include a copy of its current registration certificate and a photo of the dog being registered to the representative in your area/country. The representative will then check to make sure documentation is completed to satisfaction and he/she will then contact you for payment and other requirements that might be needed.


Registration Fees:

Kennel registration:              R150 per Year

Single Registration:              R60

Transfer of Ownership:          R60

Litter registration:                 R30 per Puppy

                                         R60 Direct Transfer

Updated Prints:                    R30

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